Festival of Music and Flowers

Eddleston Voices in Stobo Kirk

The plans for a Music and Flower Festival scheduled for April 2020 which had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, are now being re-launched.

A new committee of representatives from Peebles Old, Eddleston and Stobo and Drumelzier has now been formed.  The festival will be held as a memorial to Lorraine Mulholland, Session Clerk at Eddleston Church, who was very much involved in the planning of the original festival.

Members of the committee will be contacting local musicians, choirs and musical groups as well as flower arrangers and we will also be welcoming offers of help to provide afternoon teas in Stobo and Eddleston.

While plans are at a very early stage, it is hoped that a musical event will be held in Peebles Old Church on Friday evening, 22nd April 2022, followed by performances by local musicians at Stobo, Drumelzier and Eddleston churches on Saturday, 23rd April and Sunday 24th April.