NEW (26th January) COVID Regulations

NEW COVID Guidelines – Enhanced Level 4 26 January 2021

Following the announcement from the Scottish Government, we have all moved into lockdown at Enhanced Level 4 from Tuesday 5 January.  Previous guidelines for Level 4 have therefore been superseded.  

The main difference for us in the Church of Scotland is that all churches must now remain closed for public or private worship.  Funerals continue with a limited number of mourners (20) and weddings (5) but baptisms are temporarily suspended.  Some denominations have written to the press in opposition to the closure of churches for public worship, but the Church of Scotland decision is to support the government in the lockdown and its efforts to curb the transmission of Covid.  The Principal Clerk, George Whyte has written:

‘The whole thrust of the lockdown is to stay at home – and only to leave home when it is essential to do so because it is when we are near other people that the virus has the chance to spread.  Given the dangers of the moment and the promise of the vaccines, the Covid Group (of the Church of Scotland) believe that the absence of the already very restricted physical worship services is a price worth paying to keep people safe from an infection which, in its new form, is threatening to run out of control.’

It has been difficult to keep published guidance updated in such a rapidly changing situation and I apologise for out-of-date details in the January Magazine. Similarly, the Church of Scotland website is in the process of being updated as current links refer to earlier guidelines. A revised Summary Table for Enhanced Level 4 is below.

Meanwhile, we are in lockdown.  Do not leave the house except for essential purposes and try to limit your exposure to other people as much as you can.  

John Smith (Locum) and I are on the end of the telephone (John: 07710 530193) and there are volunteers who are on hand to help with essential shopping and prescriptions if you need assistance.  Do not hesitate to call us if you need help.  

Revd Pamela Strachan 

Interim Moderator (Eddleston l/w Peebles:Old)

Tel: 01899 830 423

Mob: 07837 873 688

Eddleston contacts: Jo Oliver  (Mob 07867 977147, Landline 01721 730696).

EddlePhone number (07444 438732)

Peebles Covid-19 Mutual Support Group Phone 0300 100 1800

Gillian Scott with Scottish Borders Council: 07786 477 950




Church of Scotland Presbyteries are currently being reorganised in response to the acute shortage of ordained ministers. This will mean some readjustment of parishes within our Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles and it is proposed that the Parish of Stobo and Drumelzier be de-linked from the present Parishes of Upper Tweeddale and linked instead with the Parishes of Eddleston and Peebles:Old.

Those who are on our Congregational Roll and Adherents list, will be given the opportunity to consider the proposed Basis of Linking and to ask any questions before voting on this proposal. Together, these two lists comprise our Electoral Register for this purpose.

Because of Covid restrictions, this consultation process will be done through post and emailing, rather than the usual Congregational Meeting.

All those on the attested Electoral Register will automatically be sent the appropriate explanatory papers on Friday, 27 November 2020. The period of 1-14 December will constitute the obligatory 14-day period of notice, during which any questions about the proposed linking can be raised.
It is anticipated the second mailing (with ballot papers) will take place on 18 December 2020.

If you have any queries or wish to get in touch, please email:

Eddleston Parish Church
Roll Keeper, Hayley Stewart

Peebles Old Parish Church
Session Clerk, Mrs Vivien Aitchison

Revd Pamela Strachan
Interim Moderator
Eddleston l/w Peebles:Old